IPv6 Excuse Bingo

We would have to rewrite our entire application to support it IPv6 is slower than IPv4 It's on our roadmap We forgot to include IPv6 in our last RFP It's too hard to support
My transit provider doesn't support IPv6 We'll deploy IPv6 right after we deploy DNSSEC There's no ROI on deploying IPv6 We've still got plenty of IPv4 No one else has deployed it
It'll break our GeoIP Android doesn't support DHCPv6 None of our customers want it Our Dynamic DNS doesn't support it
IPv6 is just a fad Did you mean IPTV? We don't have a lab to test it Our Lawful Intercept doesn't support IPv6 yet IPv6 isn't supported by OVH Cloud
We don't need that many addresses Those stupid Privacy Extension addresses keep changing We have IPv6, but we just want to keep things simple It's not mature enough Azure doesn't support it
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