IPv6 Excuse Bingo

It's too complicated My transit provider doesn't support IPv6 We've still got plenty of IPv4 We'll deploy IPv6 right after we deploy DNSSEC We don't have a lab to test it
Azure doesn't support it It's too hard to support End users don't care about IPv6 IPv6 addresses are too long to remember None of our customers want it
IPv6 isn't supported by OVH Cloud Larger headers are less efficient I don't want to expose my MAC address We don't need that many addresses
We can use RFC6598 It's not supported by Google Compute We have no roadmap for native IPv6 as we rolled out 6RD. There's no ROI on deploying IPv6 What do you mean I have to wrap an IP in square brackets?
We'll deploy IPv6 next financial year We forgot to include IPv6 in our last RFP Vendor bugs IPv6 is a security risk It's not mature enough
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